The smart Trick of A State of Sight - Conjunctivitis That Nobody is Discussing

Chelerythrine (n.) An alkaloidal basic principle acquired in the celandine, and named within the red coloration of its salts. This is a colorless crystal

Cad (n.) A person who stands at the door of the omnibus to open up and shut it, and also to obtain fares; an idle hanger-on about innyards.

Choragus (n.) A refrain chief; esp. a person who furnished at his own expenditure and beneath his personal supervision one of several choruses to the musical contents at Athens.

Cagot (n.) One of a race inhabiting the valleys from the Pyrenees, who right up until 1793 had been political and social outcasts (Christian Pariahs). These are imagined to be considered a remnant in the Visigoths.

Cash (n.) Speedy or prompt payment in current cash; as, to market merchandise for income; to create a reduction in price for cash.

Carvist (n.) A hawk which happens to be of appropriate age and schooling for being carried on the hand; a hawk in its very first yr.

Chemolysis (n.) A time period from click here to find out more time to time placed on the decomposition of organic material into a lot more very simple bodies, by the use of chemical brokers alone.

Catchfly (n.) A plant With all the joints with the stem, and from time to time other components, protected having a viscid secretion to which compact insects adhere. The species of Silene are samples of the catchfly.

Marketing campaign (n.) A connected series of armed forces operations forming a distinct phase inside of a war; the time through which an army retains the field.

Calumniation (n.) Bogus accusation of crime or offense, or possibly a malicious and Bogus illustration of the words and phrases or steps of One more, with a look at to injure his great name.

Clock (n.) A equipment for measuring time, indicating the hour together with other divisions by the use of palms moving on a dial plate.

Chemitype (n.) One of quite a few procedures by which an impact from an engraved plate is attained in reduction, to be used for printing on a standard printing push.

Circumferentor (n.) A surveying instrument, for getting horizontal angles and bearings; a surveyor's compass. It consists of a compass whose needle performs more than a circle graduated to 360!

Chirology (n.) The artwork or observe of utilizing the manual alphabet or of speaking thoughts by sings made by the arms and fingers; a substitute for spoken or published language in intercourse With all the deaf and dumb. See Dactylalogy.

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